Virgin Falls is one of the most interesting falls in Tennessee. Virgin Falls flows out of one cave, and into another. Reaching it requires a rugged 8 mile round trip hike that passes by three other waterfalls and lots of beautiful scenery. When the water is flowing, this is a great waterfall adventure.
Virgin Falls, which is formed by an underground stream that emerges from a cave, then drops over a 110-foot high cliff before disappearing into another cave at the bottom of the sink. The area is noted for its unique geological features and several other waterfalls including Big Laurel, Sheep Cave Falls, and Big Branch Falls.
The short hike to very top of the falls is well worth the effort. Here you will be able to experience somewhat of a natural oddity. The water which forms the falls flows out from a cave and beneath a natural land bridge. In the summer, the cool air from the cave produces a geological air-conditioner. Watch your step….
¬†For day hikes, hit the trail early so you’ll have plenty of time to explore. If you are planning on camping, use the log book located at the small pavilion at the beginning of the trail to declare your intended location and length of stay.
Sturdy hiking boots or shoes
1 Liter of water or water filtration
Rain gear for getting close to the falls
Headlamp or flashlight
Shelter/Hammock for overnight trips
Season dependent sleeping bag for overnight trips
Snack for day hike or meals adequate for stay length
Trail map which can be found here: Virgin Falls

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