New River Gorge Bridge
Fayetteville, West Virginia 25840

The New River Gorge Bridge is a steel arch bridge over the New River Gorge near Fayetteville, West Virginia, in the Appalachian Mountains.
When the Bridge was completed a travel challenge was solved. The bridge reduced a 40-minute drive down narrow mountain roads and across one of North America’s oldest rivers to less than a minute making travel more economical from one region to another.

At the northern end of the bridge, the Park Service operates a visitor center; it has scenic overlooks and a staircase that descends part of the way into the gorge.
A steel catwalk runs the full length of the bridge underneath the roadway. Originally built to facilitate inspections, the catwalk is open for guided, handicapped-accessible quarter-mile “Bridge Walk” tours; visitors use safety rigging.

Fun Fact: The New River Gorge Bridge is featured on West Virginia’s state quarter, released in 2005.

Phone number: (304) 465-0508

Learn More: Bridge Walk

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