A popular and relatively easy trek into the heart of the Tobacco Root Mountains, is Lost Cabin Lake.

You can hike this trail – or ride it on a mountain bike. Mountain biking is popular in the Tobacco Roots these days, so hikers need to be wary of two-wheeled action on the trail.
Aside from that, it’s a nice, family-friendly 4.5-mile hike.

The peaks surrounding the lake reach elevations above 10,000 feet. Mountain goats can often be seen on the cliffs to the south and east of the Lake.

While the scenery and sites beneath the forest canopy are beautiful en route, the view at the lake is breathtaking – with 10,396-foot Noble Peak serving as a backdrop to snowfields, talus slopes and the lake’s crystal-clear water.

Tobacco Roots are multi-use and popular – from horse riders to four-wheelers to extra-large, self-contained campers. Not all trails are motorized, but most of the trails are open to mountain bikers.

One appeal to Lost Cabin Lake is just getting into the Tobacco Roots. The mostly graveled South Boulder Road is one of the main access routes, and takes vehicles right up into the heart of the range, passing amazing geological formations and the quaint mining town of Mammoth  along the way. The Tobacco Roots, in fact, have such interesting geology that Indiana State University maintains a geologic field station for summer study there. Forty-three peaks rise higher than 10,000 feet elevation.

Black bears and occasionally grizzlies are seen in the Tobacco Roots. Therefore, bear-spray should be carried and proper technique in using the spray and just as importantly, learning how to travel appropriately in bear country are essential here.

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