Cat Alley is located across the street from XO Restaurant and the entrance is just to the right of Lala’s Hungarian Pastries at 836 Elm St.
Admission: Free
Handicapped Accessible
Pet Friendly

Cat Alley is an open-air gallery for kitty-themed street art with dozens of murals dedicated to cats, who are in some way, paying homage to Manchester.

The alley was named after a local businessman, C.T. Durgin, witnessed two cats engaged in a fierce fight there and didn’t become a street art gallery until a local realtor took an interest in the little street and started a campaign to revitalize it. He raised some money, started working with artists, and got permission to decorate the alley with cats.

Interestingly, most of the artists are young graffiti artists, brought in to teach them to respect property and feel pride in their work instead of defacing property – giving them positive ways to channel their creativity.

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Fun Fact:
Artists included an 11-year old girl and a homeless woman who came daily with a rolled up blanket full of brushes and paints.

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Reilly Callahan

Syracuse, NY

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