To provide interesting things to do, places to discover, and happenings all over the globe. We hope to impart the enthusiasm we have for exploring our beautiful world and provide you with knowledge of a small-town.

America and abroad—not only its people—but also bring to light the unique aura that each town has to offer. We aim to inspire people to enjoy and explore the beauty of the towns and the people around them wherever they may travel, for work or for play. We
also put heavy emphasis on locations that are wheelchair accessible so there will be something for everyone, no matter what skill level you’re at.

We need your help. This site cannot work without the input of our visitors. Who better to share their towns than the people who live or have visited there? We’d like to create a place to bring everyone together, forget about the negativity for a while, and
get out exploring together! This is a website for the people, by the people. So join us, and together we can explore our planet, one hometown at a time.