Hi there, I’m Debbie Callahan the founder of Wanderstarr. Welcome to my page. I’m just a regular, everyday gal with an extraordinary passion to inspire others! I love meeting new people.

I also love exploring new places, and as much as I enjoy popular destinations, I also like to go off the beaten path to seek out the unknown ones. Some of the best memories I have with my husband John have been made exploring a previously unknown location. Whenever we visit a new town, we try to find a local hangout and talk to the locals to find out where they like to eat and what their favorite places are. Who better to direct you, right?

We’ve met some awesome people along the way, so I got to thinking: Why don’t we create a site where we could put our info in one place so others can access it and experience the fun? Things are always best when shared! I’m all about living life to the fullest, and you don’t need to go far or have a ton of money to do that. In fact, it’s true—the best things in life really are free—like the people we meet and the places we discover.